About us

Hassaballa Consulting, founded by Kansas City-based sisters Dr. Ithar Hassaballa and Mrs. Ruaa Hassaballa-Muhammad, is an innovative company that aims to positively impact individuals, families, communities, and organizations.

We design, plan, and implement...

human-centered, data-driven approaches to meet our clients’ needs. We believe that our environment impacts our behavior and our opportunities to thrive. This is the reason we focus on guiding individuals and small groups of historically resilient backgrounds to strategically package their brilliance, specifically Muslim and Black women globally; and land their dream jobs. Our second focus is to guide companies and organizations to strategically create a healthy and happy workplace environment for all.

Dr. Ithar Hassaballa and Mrs. Ruaa Hassaballa-Muhammad are Muslim women, CEOs, and sisters who were born in Sudan and grew up in the United States between Seattle, Washington, and Lawrence, Kansas. They are motivational speakers and have authored more than 15 papers related to community health and development. They have conducted trainings within multiple countries and have been invited to various conferences. The Hassaballa sisters’ expertise are in community behavioral psychology, global health and development, racial equity, health equity, technical assistance, consultation, and evaluation. They combined their disciplines to create a company that helps individuals package their brilliance and organizations to create healthy, happy workplace environments.